Saturday, August 21, 2010

Moving On

Well, pretty much the entire summer I didn't post a single blog, which many of you may or may not have noticed. Either way, here is my next submission.

I have moved down to De Pere recently and live in a rental house with two close friends and hopefully a new close friend from Japan. His name is Wataru and he is a pretty cool dude. He has not moved in yet but will be in the next 2 weeks.

Living with friends rather than family will be a great experience for me to help cope with some of my personal issues that I ignored while living at home and hopefully cope or help reveal problems others may have to help create a new family of my own in some mysterious way.

I am expecting great things from my decisions to move away from home and continue my education at NWTC in Green Bay for the digital media technology program and photography. I will be learning how to professionally handle audio, video, and photography in the business world to help myself, businesses and others succeed in their careers and lives.

Enough of me talking all serious. haha.

Sometimes seriousness needs a little bit of zest.

So here is a question I would love answers to!

If there was any other color of ketchup rather than red, like there was a while back, which color would you want the most?

Or which color would not bother you that much to put on food?

Or maybe favorite color mustard?

Get creative.

Take Care.