Friday, December 24, 2010


I think if there is one thing that many of us, if not all of us seek, is comfort.

The comfort of financial security.

The comfort of family and friends.

The comfort of knowing that everything will be okay.

The idea that fear is non existent.

Of course, the idea of living in fear almost keeps us in our comfort zone and restrains us from being bold, trying new things, going on adventures, and discovering who we really are.

Or maybe who we ought to be.

Sometimes I wonder, am I letting fear hold me back........ or am I letting comfort hold me back?

I guess you could almost consider them the same evil.

It is time to get uncomfortable people.

It is time to to open new doors, meet new people, find out the truth, and stop wondering.

Follow your heart and and unveil the things you've be afraid to see.

We all have a different path so don't bother asking for directions, because none of us have the same map.

Take Care and Merry Christmas


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