Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meet Fred

I woke up with this image in my mind so I decided to illustrate it immediately.  I would like everyone to meet Fred.  This time it seems like Fred got into a little bit of trouble.  He seems to have lost his right hand and an entire limb as well.
This is where you come in.........
Leave Fred's unfortunate story in the comments!  I'm pumped to see what you come up with!

Take Care!


  1. Fred (Wall-E's cousin through his mother side obviously) was strolling along Kryton looking for body upgrades because he knew that his automated mouth and weak neck spring wouldn't last another day. He calibrated and measured a distant tremor. The winds started to pick up and the earth began to shake beneath his lugnuts. He knew that if he stayed where he was he would become someone's toilet. So he began to canter back to the home base of the Fredinites. When suddenly the ground gave out from under him! He began to tumble("tumble for you") farther and farther down...CRASH! BONK! SSSSSSSsssss...his battery's where draining, and his chest plate was leaking. He pushed himself up with his metallic third leg, which always came in handy. He began to scan the dark and dusty debris which he found himself in. He saw a TV in the distant. He began to chicken leg it over when he heard other T-1000s. As he got closer he saw something he had always dreamed of and was always made fun of for. He saw other bots wearing female human clothing!!! Then the lights came on and he was suddenly surrounds by fembots!!! They explained that they were influnenced by the TV and it repeated an episode of Sex In the City. So Fred now knew what he must do. He must show the Fembots to the other Fredinites and gain back his reputation. They all agreed that they should leave the TV room and head back since Miranda was really increasing their oil pressures. So they made their way back to the home base. When they arrived they were met by the guards which escorted them all to the palace of King of the Fredinites.

    "What have you done Fred 2875?!?!?! Bringing these...things into my city!!!" the King said with mocksie.

    "I have done nothing wrong my King"

    "I have kept you alive all these years...I knew I should have remove your chip"

    "Well you snooze you lose King!! How can you be so obtuse King?"

    "WHAT!!!??!! OBTUSE!!"

    "Yes King obtuse...I challenge you to a rockem sockem duel" mocked Fred 2875.

    "You're on!!!" yelled the King. There is something that I have never told you 2875."

    "What??" asked the puzzled bot.



    Then they battle and the king cuts his arm off. Just shows that femininty in men is met with laughs and fun at first and then you get your arm chopped off by your father. Curiousity killed the T-1000.


    mahgninnuc tloc

  2. i told fred NOT to take my nerds. I told him not to. and he did. HE TOOK MY NERDS. Let this be an example to all of you. This is what happens when you take my nerds

  3. Nice story Colt! Very in depth!

    As for the person that enjoys nerds.........I will be avoiding taking anyone's nerds as a precaution.

    Thanks guys!

  4. Only read over it once, so please dismiss/work your way around any typos.

    The sound of metal slapping the dirty ground cracked the brisk morning air. Fred looked up at the red and purple sky with his usual feeling of excitement for a new day of work at the junk yard. It was his two-hundred and thirty-seventh day on the job, and his gears still felt fresh from the tune-up he received last week.
    Fred’s sound wave monitor suddenly popped with an unwanted frequency, so he set out towards the noise. He took his job of exterminator seriously, and he was always eager to please his human bosses, they were good people.
    Soon Fred came upon the kitten that had made the noise. The small animal looked at Fred wearily, and Fred slowly crept within range. Once he was within ten feet, one arm snapped forward and extended with great speed in precision, his large clamp extending towards the kitten. Before the cat could react, it was trapped within Fred’s cold, metallic hands. It scratched and clawed as Fred reeled his arm back towards himself. Fred brought his clamp close to his head chassis, and peered inside with his ocular pieces. The small thing was obviously distressed, so Fred’s vocal modules let out a soft, soothing hum, like the distant shrill of supple piano strings.
    Continuing to hold the kitten close and release the soothe.wav program, Fred began to bound through the junk yard to the outskirts. He knew the best routes; he had been doing this for two-hundred and thirty-seven days. Soon Fred arrived at the tall fence of the junkyard. He slowly extended the arm containing the feisty kitten up towards the top of the fence, and set the cat upon the cement top of the fence. Without as much as a thank you, the cat turned and sprung onto a tree on the outside of the junk yard. Fred turned and set out to continue his work.
    Before he could pick up another intrusion, however, three beeps sounded from within his head. The boss was calling. He made his way back to the human quarters, and up into the human leader’s office. Fred saw the human sitting at his desk, like normal, and something that was not so normal. A huge, shiny, and vicious looking robot stood there, staring at Fred with cold, red ocular lenses.

  5. “Fred,” the boss human exhaled, “it’s time for you to be decommissioned, we’ve purchased a new model.”
    Fred didn’t understand. He replayed the input over and over again, but it didn’t make sense. Fred knew he was great at doing his job, he was 98.4 percent effective. That was much more efficient than the leading competitor’s model!
    “Fred, I’m afraid I’m going to ask you to shut down,” the boss human said softly.
    Fred just looked back at him. “Fred, if you don’t comply, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask our new robot to decommission you himself.”
    Fred felt the oil welling up around his ocular pieces. Why would Boss Human do this to him? Fred had been a great employee, he never complained…
    “Unit-462, please terminate Fredbot-592.”
    The new robot’s chest slid opened, revealing a plasma cannon, which gave a distinctive purr as it warmed up. Fred backed away in terror and disbelief, not knowing what to do. Why would the humans betray him?
    A ball of red light flew out of the cannon barrel. Fred fell backwards, flailing his arms in the air, trying his best to dodge the shot. The plasma still caught his clamp, eviscerating it. Fred’s vocal module spewed the pain.wav track as an “out of order” sign flew out of his side. The new model began to step forward, taking big, clunky stomps. There was new fluidity to his motion; Fred was still surely the better model. The new model outstretched it’s arm, the saw blade on the end of it whirring to life.
    Fred looked around the room, and saw the window on the other side. He threw his good clamp forward, outstretching his arm and smashing the window with his clamp. He hopped forward as the clamped grabbed the top of the window frame. He swung over the Boss Human’s head and out the window. The new model dived towards him, but was only able to meet the wrist of his robot arm, which the blade cut through with ease.
    Fred found himself tumbling out of control towards a heap of trash, with no arm and a missing clamp. His vocal module sounded out sigh.wav.
    Fred’s chassis smashed into the pile of garbage with a thud, and rolled down the side. He got upright as quickly as he could, knowing he needed to escape. He knew the best route to the fence from any point in the junk yard, he was a good employee. He sprung worth, oil leaking behind him and some screws and wires dropping into the thick fluid.
    Fred arrived at the wall where he had just this morning released the kitten. It was still sitting in the same tree, watching him. The cat seemed to smile. Fred jumped as hard as his leg springs would allow. The force allowed him to clear the wall easily, but he did not calculate the jump and ended up smashing through several tree branches before he found himself on the ground at the base of the tree. He looked up to see his Cat friend licking at part of his dented chest drum.
    Sirens sounded from inside the junk-yard which he had just escaped from. His flee was far from over…

  6. Brent, that was awesome! You really feel for Fred as the story progresses. Reminds me of District 9 mixed in with a bit of Wall-E. If that makes any sense.

  7. It was Saturday, October 31st, 2009 a day that all children embrace and all mothers despise. The children began running up and down sidewalks, pounding on doors, yelling "trick or treat!" hoping to get that one piece of candy that they all love. A boy named Liem was walking alone, the other children thought he was strange. He didnt talk much. His costume was hand made and it consisted of soda boxes painted silver around his legs, paper towl rolls, also silver, around his arms, A microwave box painted silver was covering his upper body. On the upper body he had drawn a television screen and made some dials with bottle caps. His helmet was a silver paper bag with two silver pipe cleaners as his antennas. He loved robots, he was fascinated by them. Yet he has never come in contact with one and never thought he would. Behind him he was draging his favorite pillow case, the one with stars, the moon, and a rocket. It was half full of candy. As he walked past the kellers house, old and rundown ever since Helen past away ;) he noticed a shadow of what loooked like a young boy. He dropped his pillow case and ran over to see what was wrong. When he approached it he noticed that the boys costume was a robot! "Hey, nice costume, it looks so real," Liem spoke excidedly. Silence.. "are you okay?" he asked. In a robotic voice the shadowy robot said, "I am just fine, my ship has crashed and I need parts to repair it so I can get back home to Planet Tobor." Liem asked cautiously, "What is your name?" "My name is 6-18-5-4 but you can call me F-R-E-D," Said the robot. Liem grabbed Freds hand and told him they could collect candy together. As he pulled he heard a loud pop and realized that he had pulled freds arm off. "Holy Spaceballs! you're a real robot!! exclaimed Liem. Fred said, "Wll of course, arent you a robot aswell?" pulling on Liems arm. "Ouch, that doesnt pop off!" Liem yelled, trying to pull away. He began to yell for help not knowing that there was no one around to respond. He shook away briefly with just enough time to grab Freds arm, which had been laying on the ground, motionless. With it he proceeded to beat Fred in the face. Fred grabbed the detached limb but the boy was to swift and he yanked off freds other hand. Fred was Pissed. He started to turn red, smoke was pouring out of his head, oil dripping from the missing limbs. Liem dove towards the street. Fred began to shake violently, "I hate earthlings!!" Fred exclaimed as he burst into a million tiny pieces. Liem picked up his pillowcase, the one with stars,the moon, and a rocketship, and he headed down towards home. His mother asked him how it went, he placed the candy on the table and said, "It went great, I met a real robot named 6-18-5-4 but he told me to call him fred and i pulled his arm off and then i broke his hand and he was spilling oil and he turned red and then he exploded!!" "Oh my, what an imagination you have Liem," his mother said pushing Liem up the stairs, "Get to bed, its late." "But mom, I really did meet a robot.." Liem whined. After laying in bed he noticed a shadow figure in his room. "Who is there?" he whispered. "Its me, Fred, I have one final question before i leave this planet," fred said quietly. There was a long pause and then fred asked, "whats your favorite door in your house?" and then he vanished. The end

  8. Thanks Tyler! Wasn't expecting a quote from me in there, but it found its place. lol