Monday, April 5, 2010

One More Thing

So yesterday started off pretty lame with a spoonful of waking up at 6:05.....5 minutes after I was supposed to be at work.  So i rushed to work with pretty much the same clothes I had on the day before and no shower.  At least  I was able to brush my teeth and luckily my hair wasn't too bad since got a hair cut the day before as well. Thanks mom!  Anyways.  Work was kind of blah and time was definitely not passing by like I thought it would and I didn't have any coffee or food in me until I had my break.  Sadly no coffee most of the day because the coffee at work is lame.  Pretty much a hand full of soil mixed in with sawdust brewed in a nice cauldron of tap water. Not to mention it is boiling hot and never cools off before you get done with your break.

So was pretty lame on Easter.

Things got much better when I got to meet up with my mother's side of the family for Easter and a few birthdays as well. I filled up on home cooked food and some pretty awesome cake that my cousin got from Shawano, WI.  She knows a woman that makes cakes at home and I was really impressed with how great it tasted. So moist and spectacular.  Got to catch up with family for a while and then ended the evening with hanging out with some great close friends and watched Sherlock Holmes. We were to busy chatting and laughing at random distractions we created, but the films seemed to be pretty good........even though we didn't really pay attention.

After the long day I pulled into my driveway and shut off my car. I looked out the window before getting out and saw a rabbit just sitting in the lawn about 20 feet from me.  I just sat there in the moment.  It was 11:28.  I even looked at my cell phone at that moment to see if it was still Easter or not out of curiosity sparked from the rabbit.  In that moment everything that day was supposed to be about hit me right there, all at once, in an instant.

So yeah....Easter is and was pretty awesome.

I just wanna thank that rabbit for reminding me that Easter is much more than anything else that can a happen on that oh so familiar Sunday each year.
Leave some comments! How was your Easter/Spring Break? I'm getting my fishing license today!


  1. I'm definately a fan of the picture!

    My Easter was sunny and bright, flanked by family and surrounded in church by little girls in cute white dresses.

  2. I had to be to work at 7 in the am for easter. I hate working early morning shifts but i was surprisingly awake. i even woke up before my alarm.
    After getting done at 4 i went up to my dads to spend a little time with the fam before my sister, brotherinlaw, and kids went home; then i came back home as well later in the evening. Its amazing how just being home for only a little while makes me WANT to be home. Leaving my dads always feels so weird, i dont feel like i live in another city. i dont feel like i am leaving to go home; i feel like i am leaving my home.
    And this might be kind of depressing but whenever i think about easter i think about how my grandma died on the same day. I just think about everything I can rememeber about that day. But in the end i was glad she was able to be with her family once more before she passed. I wasnt there when she went, but i went to her afterwards. It truely felt like a more faithful day and God had taken her home.

  3. These things are good to hear and great to think about. Sometimes life is strange or upsetting, but that makes it so much more spectacular.

    Thanks guys