Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goodbye Winter

Yesterday I went with my friends Andrew, Keelan, and Grant up to Pemene Falls.  The occasional patches of snow in the forest made me realize that winter was truly over and had no more chances of survival.  The one thing I will miss most about winter will be the way it brings people together inside homes and other establishments.  I also enjoy seeing the trees get caked with snow, but I will definitely not miss the snow.  I have had enough of the slippery roads and shoveling.

What will you miss?............. or not miss about winter?

Respond in the Comments.


  1. I'll miss snowball fights, making snowmen and snow angels, and forts. I'll miss the defiant crunch under your boots and you step outside after a fresh coat has powered the land the night before. I'll miss sledding down an icy hill on an old, orange plastic sled that I've had for as long as I can remember. Most of all I'll miss the feeling after you are flailing through the air, but miraculously regain your footing and feel like a total bad ass, even though you must have looked so foolish. I love winter.

  2. *as you step outside
    damn typos...

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  4. I will miss drinking hot drinks such as cider or hot chocolate in a warm blanket watching movies...i will NOT miss crossing the river on the freezing bridge going to class in Eau Claire haha

    oh! and sandals...i do love sandals...especially of the gladiator type.

  5. Winter definitely has its ups and downs just as much as any other season. Opportunities are give and take as days progress and we adapt to the weather. All so amazing.