Friday, March 5, 2010

Talk = Listen

These trees have seen it all.
Though they do not speak a word.
They are sworn to oath under the sun.
The sun that provides life and sustainability.
The earth is forever thankful to the sun.
Neither of them speak, but they know each other so well.
Maybe we can learn from this.
Give listening a chance.
We seem to talk too much sometimes.
Or spend too much time waiting for our turn to talk.
When we really need to be listening.
Not worrying about what we are going to say next.
There is nothing to wait for.
A soul is speaking to you.
Whether its the sound of truth or lies.
Listening can teach us so much without saying a word.

Let your lips rest.
They have been through many battles.
It is time to let your heart take over.
And the sounds to reach you.

Words inspired by the bands As Cities Burn and Thrice

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