Monday, March 8, 2010

Wake Up to Change Up

This morning i planned on waking up at 5am to go the pier and watch the sunrise.  My alarm went off at 5am and I just kind of laid there thinking about nothing.  I had a video kind of planned out but then I decided no, I have to plan this better.  So get ready for a early morning vlog sometime in the near future.

   Today I will leave every one with a pretty good question. I hope that you can leave your answers in the comments below.  Just click on the word "Comments"

If there is any career that you would like to do for a living and be financially stable from it, what would it be and why?

Take Care Everyone


  1. My first thoughts go to playing video games for a living, but that is actually a terrible idea. I wouldn't be able to enjoy them as much.
    Upon further thinking, I think something in video game journalism would be better, or reviewing games. That way I would get to play them, and still enjoy them, and share my love for them with others.
    Something in movies would also be great. Whether if it was on a writing team, or maybe just a movie reviewer, or anything like that would be great. I love movies.
    Writing is also something to consider, though it's something I can't picture myself doing everyday. I do it for fun, and if I had to do it like 9-5 or something I would feel my work would be too forced and get upset with myself.
    Working for Penny Arcade would also be great. If you watch some of their vlogs they recently came out with, they basically just hire people not to work for them, but to hang out with them and work some on the side. haha.

  2. Aside from my career in nursing, because it's definitely empowering and something I'm totally passionate about, I'd definitely do photojournalism, which is pretty much what you are doing Jake. Writing for a non-linear magazine is definitely a goal! PAH Keep up the good work. I love it. And you! Especially since I don't get to see you as often as I'd like.

  3. Awesome! Liz I totally could see you working for a magazine. I'm sure some opportunity will make its way into your life.

    Brent- I totally know what you are getting at with the writing career thing. I am also an avid writer myself. I think English composition II was my favorite class at UW-Marinette. It just was a great way to expand my writing abilities.

    Thanks for answering guys. I hope to get a few more!

  4. My dream is to sell the company I have now, move back to MN, and buy a hardware store somewhere at least 30-40 miles from HD or Menards. That is my idea of heaven, career-wise.

  5. That is awesome brian! Gonna take on the big guns! I like the little hardware stores. Reminds me of Home Improvement. Ha.

  6. I would love to play music for a living, tour the world and share inspiration to other music lovers. But on a more realistic level, music entertainment is in no way an easy thing to succeed in. So based on the things that I'm good at, I believe Special Operations in the military would be perfect for me.

  7. I would love to be able to profit from illustrating marine biology textbooks. Also, editing Holocaust fictional memoirs. I do realize that both of these are jobs, but having a chance at them is rare.

  8. Tom- I know what you mean about music. Special Ops is pretty hardcore man.

    Sadie- Illustration would be really cool to do. Biology illustrations have a lot of variation to them especially when it comes to drawing microscopic things. The artists always go nuts with colors. And just because they are jobs does't mean they aren't something that would be cool to do.

  9. I would love to play music for a living, or more specifically perform music for a living. Spread the good news and jam every night.

    After that I would love to work with college kids, sharing Christ with them. Possibly start a college campus church somewhere. That would be awesome.

  10. I would love to be able to read for a living. Maybe work at a publishing co. or just be where I am surrounded by books like a library or a book store. That is my idea of a dream job.

  11. Kristof- Yeah man that would be pretty dang awesome. Nothing but good things from those ideas.

    Mary- I am sure there is someone out there that gets paid to do those things. So maybe one day the dream could be a reality. Who knows.

  12. I would like to play music with my friends.