Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You've Got A Friend In Me

     Lately nostalgia has been in some way taking over my spare time.  The Toy Story 3 trailer got me all excited and I got the Nintendo 64 back from my sister recently which has made me realize that when I was in grade school, I actually thought the N64 graphics were realistic, when really they just were not that far up to par with reality.  

     Anyways, here are a few films I dug up that I loved to watch during my glory days.  The days were I didn't even know what the words behave and responsibility really meant.  I was young and innocent and I had all the time in the world to do pretty much whatever I wanted.

I will be doing a blog about  my favorite video games growing up in the future as well.

Here is another question to help me get to know everyone again:

What were your favorite films growing up as a child?
Feel free to post pictures on the facebook group page:

Today I would also like to announce that I am getting back my Nintendo Gamecube from my friend Tim, he has had it for quite some time.


  1. I watched so man movies when I was a kid, I could go on forever, but my favorite was Lion King. That movie was so great, every minute of it. I still can sing along to most of the songs, and I could probably say every single one of Timone and Pumba's lines.

  2. yeah dude. The Lion Kings was pretty sick. Do you remember the video game for super nintendo and sega that they made? I remember playing it a lot at my friends house when I was in like 2nd grade.

  3. Yeah. That game was awesome. I remember the weekend I beat it very vividly. I had a lot of cheese pringles that weekend.

  4. WOW jake! Takes me back to memory lane!!! love you!

  5. Space Jam! Fern Gully! Small Soldiers!, great.

  6. these are all really awesome movies